How does this work?

Choose your plan

Organise your monthly meeting

We gather our footage

Sit back and enjoy your daily content

A subscription that will transform your business

The subscription works just like your monthly music or video streaming services, although you get your own customised content to share exactly how you would like.

  • Firstly, you pick your plan which runs through your requirements and how long you wish to subscribe for.

  • You then receive a quote to match your requirements.

  • Through our websites members platform, you select a date for our monthly meeting.

  • At our meetings we discuss the previous months results, and then we develop our content creation plan for the next month.

  • Through our platform, you select a date which suits you  and we come to your business to film and photograph our subjects and gather our required content.

  • Prior to the start of the month, your required content will be uploaded to our members platform where you can view, download and plan how to use it.

  • You then post and share your personalised content, and simultaneously organise your next months plan.

Choosing your plan

To kick things off, the first step is to click on our 'Get Started' button just above this or at the top right hand corner of any page.

 The first thing you will be asked on our 'Get Started' page is to list all you're requirements for our monthly service.

Would you like a 1 minute video per month? Or Longer? Or maybe you don't require any videos? Simply choose from the drop down menu under video requirements.


Choose a subscription length from either our 3, 6 or 12 month plans offered in step 2.

Booking your monthly meetings

Through your personal business profile in our content suite. you'll have the option to book both our monthly meetings and the day we gather our content at your business or organised location.

Like, download and share all from your personalised Content suite.

In your personal business suite you can like your favourite photos, download single photos or in one click download your monthly photos and even share your content straight to your social media. 

All from the convenience of the members platform. 

Want to see an example Content suite?

Or are you ready to kick start your subscription?

Contact us if you would like any additional information.

For businesses from startup to franchise

Whether you’re just starting out or a global enterprise, content is the oxygen for your organisation and with us we can streamline your content creation strategy.

A subscription that will

transform your business

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